Thursday, August 27, 2015

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About this website

This is David from
I have had a small stroke – which has reminded me that we only have a finite amount of time on this earth.  Over the last few years I have discovered and worked on an interesting group of numbers that I call sequence numbers.  I want to put this knowledge on the web before I have a setback that would keep me from sharing it with you – like maybe another stroke.
I call these numbers “sequence numbers” because they produce a digital expansion that shows some known and recognized sequence of numbers.
The first one I found was 998,001.  I found this number in a post on a site called “Futility Closet” operated by Greg Ross and his wife.  The post noted that if you take this number, form it’s inverse (1/998001), and then calculate it’s digital expansion you will get a series of digits that appear to count from “000” to “997”, in three digit strings, before it makes an error.
At first I thought this was either a hoax or at least a big mistake.  I checked it out, did my own calculations, and found that it was correct.  Then I started wondering if there might be other number that would produce other known and recognized sequences.
That started me on a journey were I have found many numbers that show this amazing property.  I suspect there are an infinite number of them.  There are number that produce counting sequences, multiplication sequences, power sequence, numbers that produce combinatorial calculation, and numbers that produce Fibonacci like sequences.  And from time to time I am finding new treasures to explore.
Phillip has agreed to help me put these on the web so I can share them with you.


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